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Sixth Grade HIV/AIDS Curriculum

Sixth Grade HIV/AIDS Class is scheduled for the week of May 23.Sixth grade students at Parkway Intermediate School will participate in the Washington state required HIV/AIDS curriculum the week of May 23. Parkway uses materials from the school board-approved KNOW curriculum, lessons 1 and 2 to instruct students. In addition, students will watch a 10-minute video called, "Puberty Workshop and Curriculum HIV and AIDS."  The video is recommended for grades four through six.

We encourage you to mark this date on your calendar and talk with your student when they come home from school about any additional questions they may have after participating in the class. 

Parents/guardians are invited to preview the the materials used in the class. Please find the links to the lessons below. The full version of the video is not available on-line but may be previewed using the link below. To check out a copy of the video in full, please contact Sharon Scellick at the Ephrata School District Office (509) 754-2474.

Preview a 3 minute video clip on the publisher website

Those that wish to opt their child out of this presentation should call the Parkway Intermediate Office at (509) 754-9729 or complete the "Opt Out" form below. 


HIV / AIDS Teaching Materials

KNOW Curriculum Lessons 1 & 2


Opt Out Of HIV / AIDS Education

Parents/Guardians that wish to Opt Out of HIV / AIDS Education, please click on the button below.

Opt out of HIV / Aids Education